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Quantum Pulse Therapy

According to Gene Koonce, the inventor of the Quantum ulse Therapy, as the voltage in cells decreases, so does health.  If the voltage of the cells increases, health improves. Healers theorize that bathing a diseased body or organ in the correct

sound and light frequency spectrum can bring it back to its proper frequency, restoring health.



The more our bodies are exposed to toxins, the lower the frequency drops in our cells.  A healthy cell contains 90 millivolts of energy.  When a free radical attaches to a cell, it punches a hole in the cells membrane and damages the

DNA.  At 50 millivolts, the cell is sick; at 15 millivolts, the cell is cancerous.  



The DNA in each cell has a telomere strand that becomes dormant when a cell loses energy, causing it to mutate.  Your body typically destroys mutated cells; however, because this function can't operate at a low voltage, disease begins.



The Quantum Pulse uses photons to increase the voltage of the cells as well as bio-photonic light, which is the frequency our DNA uses to communicate.  As the cell’s voltage increases, our body’s communication system improves and messages throughout the body travel faster.

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