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LIFE COACHING  Karen's belief is that illness does not originate in the body.


When you ignore your emotions and feelings and continue to stuff them down they eventually manifest as dis-ease.


Life coaching is designed to give you assistance and tools in gaining clarity, direction and focus in your life. 

Utilizing many techniques I have accumulated on my journey I will help you see unconscious patterns that are negatively affecting your life and relationships. You can't change anything until you can see it.


I will work with you to find and integrate disassociated aspects of self. You will then be given tools to start to shift old patterns and create positive changes.

Present illness, past physical and emotional trauma, issues surrounding personal and family relationships, and obstacles concerning financial affairs and money management are just a few of the areas that can benefit from Life coaching. 

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"The basis of life is freedom.
The purpose of life is joy.
The result of life is growth"
Abraham Hicks
Are you ready for a fulfilled and happy life?
Are you ready to change?
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