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Karen Bolt  RN, BSN

Karen's approach is a comprehensive one addressing mind, body and spirit. She believes that in order to heal one has to address not only the root cause in your body, but also the original cause in your life. With the assistance of the Qest Bio-Energetic scanning device, she is able to help her clients get to the root cause of many physical ailments such as allergies, digestive maladies, vaccine reactions, circulatory disturbances, immune disorders, joint ailments, skin afflictions, sleep disorders, urinary issues, male and female disorders and many more.  Imprinted remedies and high quality nutritional supplements have assisted her clients in achieving optimal health in all circumstances. Karen also implements all her tools such as breath work and life coaching to give her clients all the tools they need to improve their health and wellbeing.

Karen has had a life-long passion for health and healing.   A registered nurse for over 30 years and a registered yoga teacher, Karen owned a GNC franchise for several years and has an extensive knowledge of supplements.  Her familiarity with anatomy and physiology enhances all aspects of her healing practice.

Karen’s personal journey to health and wellness has led her to experience many different healing modalities available to heal your body, mind & spirit.  As a wellness practitioner, Karen sought training in several forms of healing including Bio Energetic scanning, Nutrition, Supplementation, Breath work, Life Coaching, Crystal Healing, Rose Healing, Working with the Rays of Creation, Color Codes, Elements, Reiki and Angels and Guides.  She has spent countless hours researching quality supplements and aligning with some of the best companies available.  As she explored these avenues the seed for the Body Dynamics Center was planted.



Karen’s long time love and appreciation for crystals, tools she uses in her healing and scanning sessions, has led her to co-owning with Kelly Havard.  The crystals have places of honor in her home and have become tools she uses in her healing and scanning sessions.

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